What a weekend for our young Gold Star hunter. The Headwaters for Heroes/G2 Ranch Gold Star Hunt took place at the G2 Ranch located near Pearsall, Texas .  Garrett our Gold Star Hunter did very well bagging a fine 12 point buck that scored 143. Not bad for his first deer ever. Not to mention landing six hogs and one rattlesnake. Garret took part in the in the whole process of skinning and quartering of the deer.
Headewaters for Heroes cannot thank the fine folks at the G2 Ranch for all they did to make this the most memorable event for Garret. Cody Campbell did an awesome job guiding Garret to find the perfect buck. Josh Peavey for providing the rifle for garret to shoot. Ellis Cortez for his help and instruction during the skinning and quartering process. There were many more as well as other hunters that all made Garret feel right at home. Beleive there were a lot of “Big Brothers” for Garret on this awesome hunt. That is what it is all about.


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