Annual Meeting Results

Annual Meeting Results

We just wrapped up our 2nd regular meeting for Headwaters for Heroes for the 2017 year.


While attendance was lite (it is summer), we had a great deal of participation by all that attended.


The new slate of board of trustees was approved and officer elections took place.


The officers (upon final approval by the board of directors) will stay the same with Steven Sweeney as president, Danny Denson as Vice President, Lori Hollender as treasurer and Donna Sweeney as Secretary.


We are half way through the year and we have a lot of exciting things come yet this year.


Here is what is yet to come:
  • July 7,8,9 is the H4H/Santa Cruz Ranch Gold Star Wives Fishing event
  • July 14,15,16 is the H4H/Texas Hunt Lodge Exotic hunt.
  • July 21,22 H4H will be attending the Trophy Game Records awards banquet.
  • August 12th H4H/Nature RV Healing veterans BBQ fund raiser in Kingsville, Texas
  • August 25,26,27 is the H4H/Santa Cruz Ranch Purple Heart Fishing Event.
  • Sept 8,9,10 is the 6th Annual H4H Lake LBJ Fishing Tournament being held in Kingsland, Texas
  • Sept 24 is the 3rd regular H4H business meeting, being held in Harper , Texas
  • Oct 20,21 is the 2nd Annual H4H BBQ Cook-off and Car Show being held at headwaters saloon in Harper, Texas.
  • Oct 20,21 is the H4H/Santa Cruz Ranch White tail deer management hunt.
  • Nov 10,11,12 is the H4H/Santa Cruz Ranch White tail deer management hunt.
  • Dec 15,16,17 is the H4H/Santa Cruz Ranch White tail deer management hunt
  • So if you are wanting to volunteer please let us know.
I encourage all of you to pay attention to the calendar of events as we will be adding more hunting and fishing events over the next few weeks.


We have 6 more hunting events in process of setting dates.


As you can see we are extremely busy, in fact this will be our busiest year yet for H4H.


So we need help in many areas from fund raising to cooking.


Please go to the website and sign up under the “Do you want to get involved” tab, there you can let us know how you can help.


We are a volunteer organization so find your talent and jump on board.


H4H is gaining more and more attention (good attention), and we owe it all to our volunteers that have the most giving hearts of any organization out there.


I want to thank all those who attend our business meeting, and for making it a productive meeting.


Thank You,
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