H4H BBQ Cook Off Judges Needed


If you are interested in being a judge at the 1st Annual Headwaters for Heroes BBQ Cook Off please let us know. Please contact Steven Sweeney at 830-992-1193 or stevensweeney59@gmail.com
So come out and show your discerning tastes for the best BBQ in the great State of Texas.
Attached are the categories and turn in times, if you sign up to judge you will need to be at the cook off at least 30 minutes for the category you are assigned to judge.
We will be assigning 8 judges per category so sign up fast.
The cook off will be a Headwaters Saloon located at 229 South Ranch Road 783 in Harper , Texas 78631.




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Details for our 1st Annual Headwaters for Heroes BBQ Cook Off and Car Show Contest




Sanctioned by Central Texas BBQ Association

October 21 st & 22 nd , 2016

Headwaters Saloon

229 S. Ranch Road 783

Harper, Texas 78631

Entry Fees: $50 per meat or $125 for all three meats with 60% of entry fees pay

back along with added money for each category.

Additional Categories: Beans $25, Chili $25, Bloody Mary $25, Margarita $25

Jackpot 50/50 split winner take all.

Special Category: Youth (18 and under) Ribs $20 100% to pay back first three


Other events include 50/50 Raffle and Rifle Raffle.

Check in starts Friday Oct 21 st at noon with cooks meeting at 7:00 pm. With

Turn in Saturday Oct 22 nd starting with Chili at 11:00, Beans at 12:00, followed by

chicken at 1:00, Adult ribs at 2:00, Youth ribs at 3:00, brisket at 4:00,

Bloody Mary and Margarita turn in at 8:00 pm.

Awards after judging.

Must be fully self contained for water and electrical

Lodging available in Kerrville and Fredericksburg

To Enter go to www.headwatersforheroes.com

For more information contact Damon Clark at 830-739- 1328, damonc@windstream.net


Steven Sweeney at 830-992- 1192, stevensweeney59@gmail.com

All proceeds go to Headwaters for Heroes for programs benefitting our Combat

Wounded Veterans and Gold Star Families.


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Texas Trophy Hunters Association BBQ Cookoff


Headwaters for Heroes Cookers attended the 5th Annual Texas Trophy Hunters Assoc BBQ Cook Off this past week end at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio.


What a time we had. Our purpose was to not only have fun but use this event as a means to net work and spread the word of what Headwaters for Heroes does for our combat veterans. It was a true success, the Texas Trophy Hunters Assoc could not have been a host. They were very accommodating to all our needs, especially Jennifer Beaman.


Our team had a great time and we ended up with a 14th out of 82 on our brisket, which is an accomplishment since there were some real hard core competitors there.


I have to admit I was very surprised considering I thought our brisket was to dry. It was incredibly tender and had a fantastic smoke ring. But I felt our other entries were better.


Aaron Kumomato cooked the wild game entry that was so good, we could not stop eating the samples. It was his recipe for the rub and sauce. He did one hell of a job with the presentation. But at the end of the day the judges seem to partial to dove and quail.


Our chicken was tasty, juicy, and a perfect color but no placing.


Our ribs were borderline fall off the bone tender and had a great taste but once again no placing.


The actual cooking team consisted of Aaron Kumomato, Danny Denson, Dustin Sweeney, and Steven Sweeney.


In attendance cheering us on, helping with set up and tear down were James Spivey, Matthew Wellman, Kenneth Thomas, Nicholas Laurel, David Carpenter, Peter Steidnick, Travis Worrell, Tricia Denson, Terry and Lisa Wolle.


Like I mentioned before our primary goal was to meet like mended people to net work with and spread the word of who we are. We did have a separate booth for Headwaters for Heroes, and I want to thank Tricia Denson, Lisa Wolle, and Terry Wolle for an awesome job of running that booth. They meet many people and already have generated the interest of those people. Know we need to cultivate the interest. Because of their efforts the ground work has been laid to start a long lasting relationship with the Texas Trophy Hunters Assoc.


It was a blast, and Headwaters for Heroes will be doing the cooking for our 3rd Annual Benefit coming up on April 25th.

Steven Sweeney

Headwaters for Heroes




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