Our Bells Hollow Ranch

This was a great outing, perhaps not as successful as we would have liked, but a great outing. While our Purple Heart Hero did get a shot at a 140 class eight point white tail buck, and he did drop him the buck managed to get up and run. Even with the hounds we were unable to find the buck. However, our hero was able to get a nice doe for meat in the freezer. We did hear the turkeys but never came in. Did manage to get our at night to do some hog hunting but the rain proved to be the winner. It was a great get together to meet new friends and solidify relationships.

This hunt is a great example of the support that Headwaters for Heroes has. Our host Mr. Tatum of Bells Hollow Ranch donated this hunt to our annual auction and was bought by Aaron Bulkly of Texas Hunt Lodge www.texashuntlodge.com and then donated it back to Headwaters for Heroes.

We greatly appreciate the support.

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Our Mansfeldt Ranch Hunt

This was another great time together. This hunt is an example of what Headwaters for Heroes is about. Our motto is “Soldiers helping Soldiers” one of the soldiers in the photo attended one of our hunts last year and this year brought 2 of his soldiers that are also Purple Heart recipient’s that served in his unit in Iraq.

It was awesome to see these guys have fun.

With the help of our guides the bagged 2 bucks and 2 does.

We thank Mansfeldt Ranch for the opportunity to bring these heroes out for this hunt.

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Our Kerrville Meat Hunt

This hunt was originally scheduled for Kerrville but at the last minute the location had to be changed. This hunt guided by the fine folks at Vic’s Exotics.

We had 4 active duty soldiers in with one youth. They bagged 8 white tail deer and 1 axis deer. The highlight of the weekend was when the youth a son of one of our heroes was able to bag is first deer ever. Absolutely awesome.

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Hog Hunt Photos

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