G2 Ranch Hunt – Veterans Day Weekend

G2 Ranch Hunt – Veterans Day Weekend

WOW!!! What a Veterans Day, we could not have planned a better Veterans Day then one we had at the G2 Ranch located near Pearsall, Texas.

Headwaters for Heroes had the distinct honor of taking Phillips Casey one of our Purple Heart Heroes to the incredible G2 Ranch near Pearsall, Texas for what has proved to be the opportunity of a life time.

We arrived at the G2 Ranch Friday Nov 11th, Veterans Day, early enough to qualify on the range, but with no real expectation getting into the blind that evening. However, the fine folks at the G2 Ranch had other plans. After Phillips Casey qualified with only two shots on the range, both shots touching in the bulls eye, Cody Campbell of the G2 informed us that the buck they had picked for our veteran had been moving the last few days and they wanted to get on with the hunt.

So that beautiful Veterans Day afternoon Phillips Casey along with his guide Ellis Cortez headed to the blind along with Cody Campbell who would be videotaping the hunt. The G2 crew had seen the buck at two different blinds during the week so they were not sure which blind he would actually show up at. So Randy Simpson and myself went to one blind to act as scouts and Phillips, Ellis, and Cody went to the other blind.

Sure enough late in the afternoon Randy and I got site of the buck, and was I blown away. Randy let the other guys know that we have seen the big boy, and he was heading past us and towards them.

It wasn’t long and he made his appearance, and Ellis said to Phillips “There is your buck” to which Phillips said no way. Phillips could not believe what he was seeing. Once again Ellis let Phillips now that is your buck, to which Phillips wasted no time pulling the trigger. One shot, one buck, and what a buck it was 17 points and scored 205. Phillips was speechless.

The fine folks at the G2 wanted this to be the best Veterans Day possible. So Cody Campbell, Ellis Cortez, and Randy Simpson put their minds to it and made it happen.

Headwaters for Heroes cannot thank the fine folks at the G2 Ranch near Pearsall, Texas enough for making this, such a special Veterans Day for our Purple Heart Veteran Phillips Casey. A very special thanks goes out to Don & Sandy Gilchrist, Summer Haltom, and Paxton Gilchrist for their generosity and unwavering support for our veterans. The hunt was awesome, the food was awesome, but most of all the people were awesome. Please take the time to visit the G2 Ranch website to learn more about their operation www.g2ranch.com

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