First Santa Cruz Ranch Hunt

The First Headwaters for Heroes/Santa Cruz Ranch is in the books and while it was not as successful as we would have liked we had a great time with some great people. When you combine the warm weather with ample food for the deer in the pasture it is no wonder that we did not see the mature bucks we were hoping to see. But that did not stop our warriors from taking down 3 does and 3 spikes along with 3 hogs. All that attended had a great time and we cannot thank our gracious hosts at the Santa Cruz Ranch for all they are doing to make these hunts the success they are. The next Headwaters for Heroes/Santa Cruz Ranch hunt will be in November and is a Gold Star Children hunt, and we can’t wait for it to get here. Thanks to everyone for their help.

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The Santa Cruz Ranch…

All of this was made possible by Steven Sweeney, President of Head Waters for Heroes and The Santa Cruz Ranch. This was a dream come through for me. The people, the guides, the Ranch, The Owner and his Wife all top notch and the sweeties people you will ever meet. Their love and respect for the man an women in The US Military is unmatched. Thank you. And all of you Purple Heart recipients, Gold Star members and Multiple deployments service members need to sign up with you won’t regret it. The organization is a nonprofit, all helper are volunteers and do not get paid a penny. This organization runs off of sponsors and donations. All to give us outdoor therapy. These people are God sent. Bless you all.

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What a great weekend at the 1st Annual Headwaters for Heroes BBQ Cook Off and Car Show held at the Headwaters Saloon in Harper, Texas
We had 37 teams competing with a total of $4,736.00 in prize money paid out.
We 30 plus cars in the car show with a mix of cars that would impress any car enthusiasts.
We want to thank Damon Clark and Rupert Montoya for all they did to make this weekend the best it could be.
We also want to thank Vic and Lori Hollander of the Headwaters Saloon for allowing Headwaters for Heroes to use their awesome facilities for this event.
This event raised almost  $11,000.00 that will go towards the Headwaters for Heroes Hunting and Fishing programs.
We appreciate all those that attended and supported this event.
We will see all of you next year for the 2ND ANNUAL HEADWATERS FOR HEROES BBQ COOK OFF AND CAR SHOW.

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