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Board of Trustees:

  • Steven Sweeney
  • Terry Wolle
  • Lori Hollender
  • Donna Sweeney
  • Ricky Weinheimer
  • James Spivey
  • Danny Denson

Virgil Bierschwale – – (830) 998-3486


0602105989Virgil grew up hunting and fishing on a ranch on the little Devils River in the Harper, TX area. After his junior year of high school, he lived in Aberdeen Scotland, Las Palmas in the Canary Islands and lived and worked in Port Gentil Gabon, West Africa where he worked in the oilfield for AMF Tuboscope. After returning to the states he got his GED at Schreiner College and then worked in west texas in the oil field before joining the Navy in Port Hueneme CA where he learned that he was very good with technology. After 6 years serving onboard a knox class frigate in the mediterranean he got out of the navy in the Bath Maine area where he worked at building FFG class frigates for a short while. Not too long after that micro computers came on the scene and he worked on a nation wide basis as a contractor until 2003 when the job market dried up with jobs being sent offshore and non-immigrant guest workers being imported to take the remaining jobs. Seeing the writing on the wall, he formed Keep America At Work and H-1B Hunting Licenses to try and educate his fellow citizens as to what that was doing to the opportunity that America has always offered where a person could pull themselves up by their boot straps. He was very close to being just another homeless veteran statistic when Headwaters for Heroes gave him a helping hand and he continues to this day to donate his time and technology skills to help with their endeavors.

Contact Us:

Headwaters For Heroes
P.O. Box 336
Harper, TX 78631
(830) 992-1193
or email Steven Sweeney