My Headwaters 4 Heroes adventure and the time of my life, bring back life for this Veteran on Veterans day 2016.

My Headwaters 4 Heros adventure and the time of my life, bring back life for this Veteran on Veterans day 2016. I have had a lot of complex events in my life this last year. Some events that most parents can not fathom or wish to think about with one’s child and life changing. I said that to say this, the hunt that H4H provided to I has given me a breathe of fresh air, life, a purpose and direction again… This opportunity to take my first deer, a doe, and my first Buck, that gave me the Buck fever that was powerfully out of this world. My Buck fever could only be remembered as a young man on my first hunting trips with my family. My first Antelope and Elk, but never a deer life got in the way of such great opportunities. This H4H adventure and opportunities fishing and hunting are just the best times ever in my life and quite therapeutic I must say… It takes a broken hearted, minded, partially souled, and painful bodied Vet and make us feel like we are whole again, in a way. A moment in life to have no pain physical, mentally and of the heart, it made me feel like a man I once was. It made time freeze for me and feel how appreciative of living life in general, but to enjoying it also… It had brought me back to reality in the joyous times of my childhood being out there in WY and NV with my father and my grandfather just us against nature, mom and grandma at base camp making a great hunting dinner. Us a family against all the elements being reminded of those thoughts is awesome for I… When I was a boy and/ or young man was some of the best times of my life. Back when I had innocence of how life and the real world can be and the freedoms that are not free that I took so lightly and the moments with two real men and heros, my superheroes in my life… War zone memories and all the violence that you see in and of today, I’m writing this the day after a San Antonio police officer was shot and killed execution style for no reason what so ever… These H4H opportunities brings me back to a beautiful reality that is still there our beautiful country and what America has to offer for us. To have the rights and freedoms that we have to go out and go hunting to provide for our families, the challenges of it and an animal giving its life for us to eat and proved for our families. Not to mention the opportunity to unit a one and bring life into this crazy world, the birth of a calf and saving the life of it mother in distress. The hunt and the camaraderie amongst men especially other veterans that are involved with this… Just the greatest people in general and hunters in general that have been there and they understand, the feeling of a combat vet and of ‘Buck Fever’ the chance to hunt and the challenges to overcome that it provides. The greatest feeling of being alive and able to have the sun on your face, smells of great morning as the sun brings the world alive in nature… The individuals that have provided this opportunity for us are amazing and this is why. Just because not only are they saying, “we support our troops” but I’ve always believed in one thing. Actions speak louder than words and your actions shows your character and what one stands for. Taking the veterans such as myself and allowing us to have a moment of Innocence back from our childhood and back in our lives once again. To have a greatest time in the camaraderie among the men and Hunters is the most excellent times ever. Being part of the great vast outdoors of this Greatest country ever OUR United States and Our Freedom given by Veterans all over this world… GOD Bless this great nation.

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